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Monday, November 14, 2005

Movie Review: Doom

In a word: Sucked

In two words: Good God!

In three words: Waste of money

In four words: Complete waste of time.

In five words: Worse than Dukes of Hazard!

Maybe I'm just getting old... but I am getting sick to death of movies with overly elaborate fight sequences, especially those where those involved in the fight are some sort of super men and can shake off almost any blow.

Also, maybe I'm a bit of a purest, movies that are made from other sources to have some basis in their original source. With the exception of a few of the monsters looking like those out of the game, and it happening on Mars, and a gun called the BFG, the game and movie had nothing in common... except of course for the name Carmack, in the movie, he was a Doctor who was indirectly responsible for what had happened, in the real world, he is the head programmer at id Software who made the Doom games.

Even the much touted, first person view that we saw near the end was a joke. Speaking of the end... how can you have Doom without a deathmatch? And no, a deathmatch does not include two people dropping their weapons and fighting hand to hand!

Stupid, stupid movie. Having been a fan of id Software for many years, the fact that they would ok a project like this makes me reconsider many things... of course, that happened too when I had to fight with the copy protection on Doom 3 in order to play my legit copy.


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