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I Hate Linux

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Is Beer28 gone at last?

Over on the Channel 9 forum known as The Coffeehouse, there is a person known as Beer28 who is the resident Linux zealot and shame of the community and yesterday I had the pleasure of watching a small battle between him and the rest of the civilized world, including a forum admin and as a result... I think we are rid of him at last!

This individual has unfortunately been a major annoyance to many for a great deal of time... a little later I’ll post a couple of notable incidents.

In a thread about the ongoing riots in France, he bragged about how happy he was about the low cost of airfare saying in part:

I wish rioters could burn every city down this year, we'd turn into vagabond globetrotters.

You might imagine that people weren’t very happy to hear such endorsements of violence, they weren't and told him so. Later claiming he was kidding, the admin came in and deleted the content of one of his earlier posts and warned Beer28 in part that:

Beer: if you're going to repeat this behavior, expect to get more posts deleted whenever you say you were "just kidding".

Less than a minute later, Beer28 replied with:

I don't equate terrorism with civilian riots and protests or whatever, and frankly no matter how bad it gets in paris, I feel good about going at that price.

If only there could be some riots in Tokyo next year around this time in offseason. I want to see that little electronics village, where you can get all sorts of gadgets before they hit the market.

Moments later seeing the post from the admin, he changed the second paragraph to simply:

Fine then.

And not long after to:

Fine then. And please continue to abuse your mod powers.

The reason I saw all of this was I was working on a reply to one of Beer28’s earlier posts, and was refreshing from time to time to see if there was any new activity.

If the above wasn’t wonderful enough, at one point, the admin locked the thread (thankfully) and around the same time, Beer28 changed his final post to be:

you're a backwards british retard. and you don't know squat about code. Seriously.

As far as I’ve seen, he has not posted to the Channel 9 forums since, so perhaps at last we are free of this individual.


  • The reason i hate Linux is the same reason i hate all of the communist/socialist countries.Choosing Linux/Windows is like choosing between United States Vs Russia/China. The answer is pretty obvious.I dont think i will need to answer that.Choosing Community based (read as socialism) is pretty much like choosing to live in a third world country. Windows is the way to go simply because it does not remind us of the dark days of socialism (read that Third World Quality).I have hated Windows too but that would be like choosing between Mexico and US.One is feature rich and the other has the features of a third world country.I think that sums up all.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:29 PM  

  • Beer28 RIP. Finally.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:56 PM  

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