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Monday, November 21, 2005

Best Buy 'Service'

I just got off the phone with Best Buy with a ‘tech’ for the third time since Friday (not including one store visit).

As previously written, I dropped off my iPod at my local Best Buy for service two weeks ago and was told I’d have it back in about a week... so I wanted. Last Friday (11/18) I gave them a ring inquiring about its status and was told that it was fixed but had not shipped yet. Angered, I asked when it would be shipping and when I would be receiving it... not knowing, the tech promised to find out and call me back... which never happened.

Sunday while in Sioux Falls I stopped by the store to inquire in person... and after explaining my case they promised to call the service center and find out why it still had not shipped and when I would be receiving it.

After 20 min of wondering the store, I came back to the service desk and was told they couldn’t get anyone on the phone there... despite their claims that they have people there 7 days a week... they too promised to investigate and get back to me.

Fast forward to today, I called again in the morning, and after 10 min on hold, got hung-up on... calling back, I was immediately hung up on again... third time seemed to be the charm... only 2 minutes on hold... and still no new info, nor any indication it seemed that my issues was being investigated... however was assured that their key person who deals with the service center would call me back... today.

Come 4 in the afternoon, an hour from regular business hours of the world ending (as well as those for many management type persons at such places I would expect), I rang them again... and I was told that on ‘the list’ of issues that needed to be looked at and that I’d be called back soon.

20 minutes later, a gentleman by the name of Steve called, informing me that the reason my iPod had not shipped yet was that ‘shipping is backed up’ at the service center and that he and they do did not know when it would be shipping or when it would be arriving.

Once again I reiterated my primary concern, that I required it back no later than Wednesday evening and if I did not have it then, that I would be forced to come into the store and receive store credit so that it could be immediately replaced.

This Thursday, I’ll be driving up to Day County for some Thanksgiving eatings and some deer huntings with my buddy Chad... and I’ll be damned if I’m going to drive that kind of distance (~2.5 hours) without some of my tunes on an iPod of mine... regardless of if it is my old 3rd generation 15 giger, or a 5th generation 60 gig video (same purchase prices).

Treatment like this is something I’ve come to expect over the years from Best Buy... and from the looks of it I’ll be spending far less money with them in the years to come unless this is resolved quickly to my satisfaction, not too much to ask when I was told ‘about a week’ and it will be well over 2, probably closer to 3 before my iPod reaches more door… all the while, I could hop in the car and probably pick it up myself at their Minneapolis (area) service center... but then, I don’t have 10 hours I can blow for that drive (round trip), or the $50 in gas that it would cost me.


  • I fucking hate best buy. They're the worst bunch of cunts in the entire retail world. I make it a point to never shop there. There's no reason to put up with worthelss fucking knuckle dragging employees, or the 2500 bullshit questions like "Do you want this magazine? That magazine? What's your zip? Do you want purchase protection?" etc...JESUS CHRIST BITCH! LET ME BUY MY SHIT AND GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:20 AM  

  • God I love It. Someone else hates Best Buy as much as I do the Rotten Motherfucker.

    I would love to tell you of our experience my wife and I add with the Big Blue Box (Best Buy) in Green Bay Wisconsin. Trust me if I would have know of your Web site I would have heeded the warnings and advice of others that have had just horrible experience with Best Buy.

    Well here goes:

    My wife and I decided to take some of our Tax Return to buy us a new Washer, and Dryer. Well as usual we went to BB as we have done for in the last (9) years to buy all of our Big Price appliance items, as we have bought our (3) Desktop Computers, (2) Refrigerator, (1) Dishwasher, (2) TV’s (3) DVD Player’s, (2) VCR’s, (3) Surround Sound Systems…. etc…well you get the picture, close to $10,000.00 over those (9) years.

    Things seem to go smoothly with the purchase of both of them till the arraigning of the FREE delivery that was with the package deal. But the sales person worked out the glitches an made the delivery on Wed’s the 14th of February in the late afternoon. I informed the sales person that we had some serious plans made, and could they arraign it before or after the 14th. “No” was the reply that it was the only day they could make the delivery. Well ok I said, “but let’s make sure it happens”. No problem was the reply; a they would call us the night before to confirm the time in the afternoon. “Great”, I said, let’s do it.

    The night of the 13th we waited till around 9pm for their call. Nothing, no call. So I called the store a talked to the sale person that sold us the Washer/Dryer, and asked when they would be delivered. I waited on hold for over 20 minutes. Finally I called back and asked for the Manager on Duty. Waited other 10 minutes till he came on the line. I explained the situation to him; he stated he would check into this. After other 10 minutes he game back on the line. He stated that the Order for delivery was CANCELLED and that there was not going to be a delivery. Well my jaw dropped to the floor. “What the Hell was going on”, I asked, I know we didn’t cancel the order for delivery. I informed him of this and said this was not acceptable and that they would need to make the delivery as promised and that we would not be available for any other day. And why the Hell had this had happen. After waiting for other 15 minutes on the phone he finally came back on with “ it will be delivered tomorrow between 4pm an 6pm” OK I said great. As I was about to thank him he hung up, without an apology of any kind, or any explanation of what was going on? Well this should have clued me into Best Buy’s customer service policy of SCREW’EM AN LOSES’EM. Well as promise they did deliver the machines on time, but not with out some hassles there too.

    Where comes the good part:

    The following week my wife an I decided to buy a new laptop computer, and of course BB was having a Package Deal on a Toshiba laptop with Windows Vista installed and also with Mini mouse, and carrying case. This sounded great, and in our price arrange too. So we went into the Store and as usual we had to hunt down someone in the computer department to help us with the purchase. After finding a fresh Snot Nose Narcissistic Kid barely out of high school to help us, we decided to ask a few questions about the New Windows Vista system. We wanted to know if this laptop would be able to communicate with the other (3) computers we have in our home running Windows XP? And would it work with our Linksys Network Router System? And will we be able to share files, and to use our Lexmark Printer with this new Windows Vista, and our Network? “ Well of course it would…was his reply, with no problems. “ Well with that, and the blind trust I put in people we bought the laptop, and the extended service plan. And back home with our new toy.

    Well we got it home and started to set it up, and everything was going as smooth as silk till we tried to set up the Network to share files/folders with the other computers, and the printer. Now I am not illiterate when it comes to computers, nor am I an expert, but I knew something was a miss, and something was not right. Well it was late and we decided to wait till the morning to finish the setup.

    The following day was the Worst Frkin Nightmare I have had in 35 years (showing my age of 55) of dealing with any big business, and of course the worst day I ever had with Best Buy.

    I kept trying to make the Laptop communicate with the Network, and my other (3) computers. I would keep getting a Microsoft Windows Error of “not finding a Network”. After spending an hour on their web site I could find nothing, so I called them. I spent over 45 minutes waiting; finally I spoke to someone about the problem (because I thought since it was a Windows Error the would be able to help) no such luck. They said I would need to contact Toshiba about this since this was an OEM (original equipment manufacture) problem, and not theirs. “Great” Called Toshiba, nothing, this were their service person informs me that the new Windows Vista program will not work with the network, router, a printer if my other (3) computers are running Windows XP. “HOLY COW POOP”. This was Frkin Peachy. Toshiba suggested to call Best Buy to see what they can do for me, buy asking someone there if they could help set up the network to communicate with the other computers. Sounded like sense. So I did.

    So I called the Big Blue Box (BB) and spoke to same manager I had dealt with on the delivery problem. Wow that was the most stupid mistake I ever made. This manager was the biggest “DICK” I ever spoke to. I calmly explained the problem to him, an how I was led to believe that there would be no problem with this Laptop running Windows Vista to work with my computers, network, and printer. He told me point blank told me that his sales person would have “never would have told me such a thing”. God I was outraged, not only was He calling me a Lair but also it was quite clear that this worthless manager was not going to help me at all. I asked to speak to his Boss, (the store manager) SHE was not there. Then I asked how to get in contact with his District manager…. guess what…that’s right, he refused to give me that info also stating he did not know how, an even if he did he would not give me that info, because all customer concerns, and problems are handled at the store level, and that this problem did not warrant any further attention. What a worthless piece of human waste. I asked what was the name of his store manager, at first he was very hesent, and then he gave me her name.

    Well for the next (4) days I spent calling the Best Buy customer service line, (what a gdamn joke this is), calling their Corp Office, calling their District office, trying to get someone to listen and care about my problem. Again No-one gave a Royal flying Rats Ass about what was going on. Only to inform me that all the customer relation problems needs are handle at the Store Level. “My God, don’t they understand that here in lies the problem the Store Management and the rotten little peckerhead that sold me the Laptop. “NO>>>HELL NO”. So after nearly going to the Hospital because on my Blood Pressure I decided to give it up. Knowing that Best Buy had SCREWED ME IN THE ASS AN NEVER USED ANY TYPE OF LUB TO EASE THE PAIN. Then out of the Blue the lousy Store Manager called an gave me the lamest apology I ever heard but still would not help me with my problem only offering to send out the GEEK Squad to make my Laptop work with my other computers, an network. But of course this would cost me other $200.00 for their service. God what kind of sick joke these folks live under, what kind of CON-Game they are playing on the costumer, what kind of people believe they would have me come back an waste my money in their store after this kind of Bull Sh___t.

    God I pray, and beg anyone reading this not to buy your need’s at Best Buy, they will Lie, Cheat, an screw you up the behind so hard, that you will see stars. If any one reading this and still believes they will get good service from BB, all you will get is a Stroke.


    By Blogger fish1_49811, at 6:59 PM  

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