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Friday, November 11, 2005

Arrested Development: Canceled!

After a couple of great episodes this week, I was horrified to get an IM from a friend saying that Arrested Development has been canceled, and some searching, it seems confirmed. Arrested Development has been canceled and its third season cut back to 13 episodes. Hey Fox: You're drunk!

For such a critically acclaimed and Emmy award winning (6 at last count) show to get the axe, I see only one cause... the refusal of Fox to spend any time or money on advertising. It amazes me frankly, that when little I do watch Fox, I see the same ads for the same reality tv shows over and over and over and over and over again... and best case there might be an Arrested Development promo when they are coming back from a season break or a baseball induced break (stupid World Series). Come On!

I'm proud to say I was a fan from day one and early on tried to introduce friends to the show, however that didn't take off until Season 1 came out on DVD and I began loaning them around... and because of it, I've achieved 4 degrees of Brendan Grant. Hopefully there can be more one day... but with this cancellation news that is unlikely.

I loaned my set to Bobby who fell in love and burned a copy for himself and that later ended up in the hands of Phil who in turn hooked Jung and Miles. Later, Miles even got his dad watching.

Quite a shame really as with the loss of Arrested Development, I have no reason to watch Fox anymore.

On a lighter note, over the last week I spent some time re-watching all of Season 1 and Season 2 so as to catch some of the foreshadowing (H. MADDAS, “I never thought I would miss a hand so much”, etc) and remembered a number of repeating lines, in no particular order they are:

  • I'm a monster! <scream> <goes on rampage>

  • I've made a huge mistake

  • You're drunk

  • Come On!

  • "WHACK!" (from third cop using club)

  • No Touching!

  • Who? (response to 'my girlfriend Ann')

  • <Various incarnations of the chicken dance>

  • Say good bye to these! <raising shirt>

If you will excuse me though, I feel the need to go and write a strongly worded letter. Head on over to Save Our Bluths to learn how you too can do the same.


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