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Monday, June 13, 2005

USPS Incompetence

There are times when different organizations struggle and fail, and I cannot help but have not one ounce of sympathy for them, given their own actions and policies are often what put them in that situation...currently, I am seeing another one of those cases from the United States Postal Service.

While out of state last week, I received a delivery attempt notice from them, thinking I could simply sign it and have them leave the package... I did so.

Coming home this evening, I found the notice still in my mailbox with the note attached: "must come to P.O"

I cannot speak for anyone else out there, but I tend not to be around my home during the working hours of my local post office (8:30-4:30), nor can I afford to take a day off to stay home just to pick up a package.

I find it rather offensive the expectation that I have to either take off several hours from work to drive back to Madison (~1 hour away from where I work) to pick up a package, or take off most of the day and stay home, waiting forthe mail man to bring it by.

It is no wonder that with inflexible policies like this that the United States Postal Service continues to struggle with the competition provided by other parcel carriers.


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