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Saturday, June 18, 2005

DISH Network Does Not Want Your Business...

...if you buy your hardware off of eBay at least.

Yesterday evening, after getting home from work I pulled out the receiver for the 3rd to last time (more on that later) and call DISH Network and give them one last chance to have me as a customer (I know, it's ever businesses dream).

I told them that from what I was told previously, that there was a 107 dollar balance on this receiver and that it has been in collections for over 6 months and that chances are that they will never receive that debt from the deadbeat... and that I would like to take this hardware that I legally bought, and use it to receive DISH Network service. Pretty fair I thought, they'd get a new customer and a way to overtime recoup their loss from the previous owner of the receiver. Win win, right? WRONG!

I initially spoke with a customer service person named Sam. DISH likes to tell you that they are rated #1 in customer service... maybe it was because I was not yet a customer that Sam treated me so poorly as she took the company line of saying that the only way I could use this receiver is if I accepted the balance on it and paid it off.

I reiterated my offer, that if they wanted to have me as a customer, they would need to allow me to use this receiver without forcing me to pay off a debt that I did not incur. Her response? Continually asking me if I was willing to accept the debt. Of course I wasn't. I finally asked to speak with a supervisor, suspecting that she was not in a position to make any deals. Rather than simply put me on hold and transfer me to one... she'd put me on hold and allegedly ask the super questions and relay them to me.

After a few minutes of her playing proxy, I suggested that she stop wasting all of this time and simply transfer me to a supervisor so I can speak with them and we can stop playing this game... she agreed, but then a new game began.

I was put on hold for a couple of more minutes while she 'tried to find one who was available', she came back a couple of times to see if I was still around... and during one of the last times, she started cutting out a bit while asking "Sir, can you hear me? Sir, are you there?" and so on. Talking on a cell phone, I immediately verified my signal strength (4 full bars) and noticed a slight... clicking sounds in the background anytime she was cutting out.

I'm not known for my paranoia, however here I do suspect that she was pressing a mute button or unplugging the headset to give the illusions of phone problems so that she could try to get rid of me.

My suspicions were strengthened when I mentioned this and told her to "stop playing games with me, I know what you are doing" to which she replied, while giggling "I'm not doing anything".

Not long after these problems, the supervisor Jay came on, and reiterated everything Sam had said. Claiming things like:

Our system does not allow us create a new account when an existing account with a balance is already on a receiver


Well if someone had a balance on the receiver, they shouldn't be selling it on eBay.

Gee, ya think? Wish they would have told me ahead of time. He apparently didn't understand why anyone would ever buy or sell DISH equipment on eBay. But then... he wasn't talking about individuals selling it, he thought eBay was selling it and didn't understand that part. I wonder if he's ever been online.

During our conversation, Jay was pretty adamant about what he and Sam had said, and entertainingly getting more and more aggravated by the concept that I thought that I could use the hardware for new service without paying the previous balance. To be fair, I still don't understand why they attach bad debts to the unit, and he couldn't explain that to me very well either, so we were both not understanding of the others side.

I must say this, I am always kinda proud when I have a 'customer service' person or their supervisor start off normal and raise their voice at me throughout the conversation... I fear though that I cannot take full credit for Jays tone of voice as when he first began talking to me he was pretty loud and combative to start with.

Earlier I said that prior to this phone call; I had pulled out the receiver for the third to last time. The 2nd to last time will be in a week or two (when I have some time to do it) and take some pictures of the receiver and put it up on eBay... with a clear warning that the receiver has a balance on it and is unusable unless someone is willing to pay the $107 on it... hell, for that price one might as well just go to Radio Shack and buy a new one. The last time... will be when I put it in a box and mail it off to the new owner... or take it out to the range and put a few dozen 7.62 rounds through it.

So now DISH is out with regards to expansion of my TV choices... and so too is Midcontinent Communications, more on that later though.


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