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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Runaway Bride

I'm sure we've all heard about the 'runaway bride, where Jennifer Wilbanks ran off a few days before her 600 guest wedding and claimed she was kidnapped, and later when she turned herself in, came clean and admitted that she made it all up.

At first, I expected her to be charged appropriately (making a false statement to police, etc), get convicted, be given some jail time and have to repay a good chunk of the cost of the search for her.

During the trial, I expected that the defense attorney would try to portray her as an innocent person and claim “You can't send someone to jail just for having cold feet”. To make matter worse, the media circus would begin to speculate that her husband to be was an abusive man and drove her away.

Pretty bad eh? It seems that it's already much much worse.

As yet, no charges have been filed, and her husband seems to be a loving man, however the public trial seems to have begun.

Over on FoxNews, they've got a quote from the brides lawyer, a Lydia J. Sartain who is a former district attorney in Georgia, she says:

She had been under a tremendous amount of stress.... She had to take action, just get away and get out from under the pressure.

That is a nice sentiment, I'd love to hear her theories on how far that could be taken. if a person is under stress... what other things can they get away with in order to get away from it? Steal a car? Cause property damage? Cause serious injury or death to another person?

While I do have something resembling sympathy for the bride to be and the stress she was under, like any issue people have in life, one needs to handle it healthily and appropriately, otherwise the result can and often will be worse than the initial problem.

Despite the claims of the groom to be, I would think that it would be advisable for him to back down on his desire to marry her. In most relationships, including marriage, one needs to be able to be open and honest with their significant other, and if this bride cannot talk to her husband to be... one wonders what else could be wrong in their relationship.

But then... that's only my take on it.


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