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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

LOST: Crossovers

Like a few, I have been watching the ABC show Lost for a couple of months now (and thanks to friends recordings was able to catch up on the show from episode 1).

It started out seeming like a good 'Man vs. Nature' show to me... but it quickly becomes apparent that there is plenty of food and safety, so it seemed to go into more of a 'Man vs. Man' style show... but even that wasn't fitting in my mind... ultimately I settled on 'Man vs. WTF?' because of the strange directions it has gone.

While talking with my friend Dan (aka 'The Experience') we've joked about different plot ideas, one, suggested in part by his brother and I propose:

Upon finally opening the hatch, the survivors find a young Predator hiding out who quickly escapes and begins slowly killing those on the island. It is of course not until the first Predator episode that we learn the reason for his blood lust... the only time is father ever smiled at him was when he killed someone, and now he tries to desperately reclaim that feeling to no avail.

In a later Predator episode:

We discover the reason for his being in the hatch. He disappointed his father horribly. Being sent out to kill a group of humans, he failed, and to punish himself, locked himself in a box to show his worthiness to his father.

Pretty much in line with the general with the general level of sanity on Lost, right?

A new idea I proposed this evening... is a crossover between LOST and 24:

Jack Bauer is found inside of the hatch and he too goes on an (unsuccessful) interrogation (ie torturing) spree. Why is he in the hatch? Simple, CTU recognized that he is a useful asset in times of emergency, but not in day to date life... so they put him on ice as it were in a remote location until needed again.

I know, I know that sounds not unlike the Predator idea... sadly though, this season of 24 hasn't given much in the way of options. Dan pointed out an interesting pattern this season, whenever Jack is sent to apprehend or interrogate someone, they either end up dead or getting away. You can easily predict which will be the next to happen based on the previous event as they alternate back and forth.

So next week... we will have the season finales of both LOST and 24... I do not expect either to be very logical or make much sense compared to those episodes of its preceding season.


  • LOL

    It would be better if the Predator accidentally fell in the hatch -- disappointing his father yet again.

    By Blogger Dan tdaxp, at 8:04 PM  

  • Or perhaps... while trying to impress his father, the young Predator attempts to find his way into a strange hatch that he finds on the island. After weeks of attempts, he finds his way in, and at last impressing his father... until later while exploring its contents he becomes trapped.

    By Blogger Brendan, at 8:13 PM  

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