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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Men, Woman, and Parking Spaces

We've all heard the line: "(Men|Woman) are like parking spaces. All the good ones are taken, and the rest are handicapped." Personally, I've always taken this statement as an admission of laziness.

Why? The whole concept of 'one true love' is flawed as it assumes that there is only one other person in the world that one is capable of loving, ever. The fact that people do in fact meet, fall in love and often stay together for a lifetime says that such people are either incredibly lucky, or that they just happened to find someone of the type they could love (and vice versa).

I'm more likely to go with the latter as the former requires the belief in such improbable events occurring so often that some higher order would need to exist to facilitate it... which I just don't buy.

How does this relate to parking spots? Just about everyone wants the spot right next to the handicapped ones, as best as can be. Just like most want to marry a super model or other perfect person. Neither unfortunately are very likely.

Granted, relationships are a bit more complex. Finding that special someone is not as easy as finding a safe place for your car to reside for 15 minutes while you are inside, you are instead looking for someone to have a (hopefully) lifelong relationship with.

In such relationship, just like a parking space, ultimately the goal is to have/get one, period. After all, it is rare that you end up with the best in any endeavor. No, I'm not saying that in dating one should 'settle' for whoever is available. Relationships tend to have more qualities than parking spaces that often change forming an ultimately desirable or undesirable final product, think of it this way... relationships, unlike parking spots traditionally grow and get better with time and that often is forgotten.

All too often with parking spots, people only see proximity to the door as the deciding factor. Yes, they are desirable for enabling you to get in and out quickly... but at what cost? How many times might you have to circle to find it? With so many people parked close, what are the chances your doors are going to get dinged?

Ask yourself this... you could spend extended period trying to find the best possible space, but what is so wrong with getting a space that is a bit further from the door, and (gasp) getting a bit of walking in?

In a way men and woman are like parking spaces, in that the majority of the 'good' ones are either taken, unavailable or otherwise undesirable... only if you define 'good' as next door to you, mind-bogglingly attractive (physically and/or mentally), and very wealthy, and that 'handicapped' is anyone who is not 'good'... but those are pretty unrealistic standards.

Again, I'm not saying one should 'settle', I'm saying that one should have a more clear idea of what they want and be realistic about it. If everyone wants the same thing, and the object/person of desire is a scarce thing, one has little chance of achieving it and one would be better served by spending their time on finding that person or parking space that makes them happy and that they wouldn't mind (or preferably enjoy)spending time with(person)/in(parking space).


  • Mr. Hat... you do make a few good points, but I have to disagree with you on the principle that around here, most "good choices" for girls are not just the super-hot or super-rich or super-smart... but those who posess at least an AVERAGE amount of all 3 qualities you list. And seeing as many of your friends are still in college, we'll even eliminate money from the equation. Here in Madison... it is very hard to find a single girl who is not unattractive either physically or mentally or emotionally or something. Anyway... I'm not sure what the length limit for these comments are so I'll cut myself short and say that's my basic argument against your reasoning here.

    By Anonymous Fish, at 10:16 PM  

  • You are correct, and help prove my case a bit I fear. You said "Here in Madison", seeming to ignore the surrounding area. One problem that we all know too well out here is the lack of people. In a big city, there are lots of people and almost as many places to meet them. Looking for someone in your local town is always good, but discounting the rest of the area certainly does no good.

    While Sioux Falls(123, 975), Brookings(18,504), Mitchell(14,558), Huron(11,893) and all of the small tows in between do have a small number of people compared to larger cities like Minneapolis(375,635), Chicago(2,896,016) or Los Angeles(3,694,820), one has to be willing to walk a bit in order to get a spot. After all, if a parking lot is completely full, more often than not, you can still find a spot in a near by lot... you may just have to work for it. Just like potential partners, there are lots of them out there... they just may not live next door to you... or down the road or even in the same town.

    By Blogger Brendan, at 12:03 PM  

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