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Sunday, March 13, 2005

Missing Scraper

Yesterday it snowed, and needing to run a couple of errands so I ended up doing some fun scraping of my windows. Midway through I discovered that one of my windshield wiper blades had broken. Not thinking, I finished cleaning my windshield and put the scraper on the vehicles roof while I tried to fix the broken blade.

I ended up going down to the local Lewis drug, along the way I heard a couple of odd sounds which ended with a small 'thunk' upon entering the Lewis driveway.

It wasn’t until I got to the store and got out of my vehicle that I realized that I had left the scraper on the roof, no biggie, that 'thunk' I heard must have been it falling off. I turned to look at the entry to the driveway to see a car who was about to exit stop, it’s driver open the door and grab something from the ground while saying "ha ha, it is, stupid ____"

That's right, it seems the vehicle in question saw it fall off as I was driving in and claimed it as their own. Rather sad that they would see it, know that it was lost and still take it.

Oh well, now I just need to find my 2nd one that is lost somewhere in my 2nd bedroom which I use only for storage.


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